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A Journey To Self Discovery

Yoga Life

Meditation Is Here Whenever We Need

Look at this beautiful landscape. The ocean, the coast, the fresh air, the perspective. Remember how places like this can make you forget all your problems?But what has changed in your day to day world? Just the scenery, right?But how can something so simple be so effective?

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Yoga Life

Life Will Always Be Ever Changing. My Advice?

Life will always be ever changing.
The way we feel,
The things we see,
The thoughts we have,
Our and opinions and beliefs may differ to what we once had,
My best advice;
Stay grounded.
Stay true to the present moment.
And always lead with your heart.

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Yoga Life

Feeling Lost Or Confused?

Have you ever found yourself feeling a little lost or confused about a certain situation? Or perhaps just generally lost in life? A time when your mind begins to go into overdrive? Thinking and thinking, and thinking some more! Trying to think it’s way out of the situation. Sound familiar?

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